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Working with people to engineer solutions.

Solution delivered…  You’re welcome!

About Us

Welcome to Nexus Sealing Solutions

At Nexus:

  • We work with people to engineer solutions.
  • We lead by providing sealing solutions to the market.
  • We brand our service, not our products.
  • We pride ourselves in our hard work to retain the loyalty of our Business Partners.

We promise our Business Partners:

  • To partner WITH you to best serve your customer.
  • To be your go-to solutions partner.
  • To never oppose you with your customers.

Among the solutions we engineer together, are:

  • Tailor-made designs with technical benefits to satisfy a specific need.
  • Our existing product range does not have a full stop at the end;  our team will design a solution that is application specific.
  • Technical onsite support on behalf of our Business Partners.
  • Since we do not supply to end-users, there is never a concern of competing against our Business Partners.
  • Delivery immediacy, which is a need that also requires an engineered solution.
  • Our focused commitment to establishing the industry's broadest in-stock inventory of mechanical seals and gland packing has successfully satisfied a remarkably diverse base of Business Partners.
  • Value for money, as over-priced sealing devices are not tolerated in the modern age.
  • At Nexus, price will never be the problem. We are not a price cutting company, however, we do it very well.
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Our Core Services

Solution design & manufacturing
Reconditioning of mechanical seals
On-site Support

Seal failure reports
Pre-formed packing rings
Product training